A Luxurious Version Of Bell & Ross Replica Watches Colletion

The replica watchmaker Bell & Ross is one of the hottest brands in recent years. Indeed, the first square design of its models, inspired by aircraft cockpit instruments, today became the emblem of the brand. Yet B & R offers other types of products, such as the two new I’ll introduce you to who are called Vintage BR GT. This time, the brand is inspired by a different universe, that of sports cars to give us a beautiful chronograph and small seconds. Small feature for Bell & Ross Mens Replica design is round and not square a difference!

A Luxurious Version Of Bell & Ross Replica Watches Colletion
THE BR 123 BR 126 GT and GT are the two new models in this range of Best Swiss Time Replica with their design straight out of the seventies. Moreover, these two vintage timepieces remind uncannily auto pilot replica watch models of these years and counters of cars they drove.
We discover, looking at these replica watches, a satin steel case, 42 mm in diameter and index figures and steel shade that contrasts terribly with the black dial. The advantage is also very good readability that one has to read the time or short time (chronograph), very important for a car driver shows. Both timepieces therefore have a neo-retro look that I find really great and very successful.
Other characteristics of these two models, there guillochage meters, topped the dial of a very anti-reflective sapphire crystal, also there to remind side 1970 Note also, perforated Alcantara strap ( often used during the 70 matter) that makes this new line, a gentleman driver to replica watch!

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