On The Wrist:Tudor “Monte Carlo” Chronograph Reference 7159 Replica

Today on swissintime.com we are taking a look back at one of our favourite Tudor posts from two years ago. The Tudor “Monte Carlo” Chronograph Replica Reference 7159. It is of course no secret that Tudor was introduced to be, shall we say, the cheaper and arguably less attractive sister to the Rolex but it is also referred to as a poor man’s Rolex – though now I think the latter couldn’t be further from the truth. Being a lover of Rolex, it has always been quite difficult to really delve into the world of Tudor but of late I’ve been immersing myself in the brands vintage timepieces and it’s actually rather amazing just how downright cool some of their vintage examples are. Today, Tudor’s rebooted models have become rather sought after by collectors, many of which we have highlighted before.

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