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Few watchmaking companies in the last few years are as successful or as contentious as SevenFriday. SevenFriday first collaborated with all the automation and robotics company KUKA AG back in 2013 for its “P01/03 Automatic Orange Black” model, inspired by KUKA AG’s robotic arms and making liberal use of their signature industrial orange color. This was followed using all the “P3/04 KUKA” edition in 2016, which toned down the orange highlights and featured a predominantly black and gun metal gray case for a stealthier look. Both editions were tremendously effective for the brand, who’ve announced the next installment in their KUKA-inspired set, the aptly called SevenFriday P3/07 KUKA III.Reading the time on many SevenFriday watches may be challenging initially until you adjust to the odd dial design and also the brand’s propensity for using disks rather than hands. About the KUKA III version, you have a brief orange filled with Super-LumiNova and a more moment hand in gun metal grey with a Super-LumiNova-filled tip affixed to some central disc decorated using a matte orange ring design. At about half past 4 o’clock on the dial would be the tiny seconds, with every 5-second increment denoted in orange numerals and each 10 second increment marked using a hole punch. At 9 o’clock is your 24-hour disc with day-night index, which oddly shows “afternoon” in gun metal grey and “night” in glowing orange. This seems somewhat counterintuitive, however, the printed “D” and “N” indicators on the disc should help clear up any confusion.

SevenFriday New Watches, The M1 & M2 Watch Releases

After a few years of revisions and model interpretations of its original watch, Swiss SevenFriday is about to release its second model collection with the M1 and M2 watches which are due for release next month in June of 2014.

The M1 and M2 are, of course, similar to the original “P” series SevenFriday watches in regard to the same 47mm wide cushion-shaped case along with overall look and feel. The M1 and M2 watches also once again use Japanese Miyota mechanical movements, but different movements here which are modified to use discs rather than hands to indicate the time.

SevenFriday New Watches, The M1 & M2 Watch Releases

SevenFriday New Watches, The M1 & M2 Watch Releases

According to SevenFriday the M1 watch dial design is inspired by turbines, while the M2 is inspired by “old power measuring tools such as ammeters or old radios.” For the price, the dial detail and quality of SevenFriday watches has always been impressive. The M1 and M2 dials are made of six layers and have 10 applied parts.

There are three custom-made discs which are used to indicate the seconds, minutes, and hours. It is not a typical way of reading the time, but it does prove rather simple once you get used to it. The crown has been moved to the left-side of the case and a new plaque is applied to the right side of the case. There is also a brand new caseback design. So, while the watches look similar to the previous SevenFriday watches, most of the parts are new.

SevenFriday New Watches, The M1 & M2 Watch Releases

Inside of the M1 and M2 watches are modified Japanese Miyota caliber 8215 automatic movements which have a power reserve of about 45 hours.  I’ve always said it was ironic that while SevenFriday is a true Swiss brand (based in Zurich) the watches cannot say “Swiss Made” because the movements are Japanese.

SevenFriday will release the M1 and M2 watches next month and the price will be about 1,197 Swiss Francs for the M1 and 1,329 Swiss Francs for the M2.

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